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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sick as a Dog

I'm sick today. When I took my temperature about two hours ago it read 101.4 F. That sounds like a radio station, not a temperature. I think it's lower now because I gulped down a TheraFlu. Now I'm a little bit loopy from the TheraFlu, so please forgive any weirdness in this posting. This is probably one I ought to sleep on but what the hell.

Jenn is also not feeling well. We've spent the better part of the weekend so far sleeping. This is our big Saturday night party.

I started feeling sick last night at karate. I should have just stayed home but I promised I would go see Seth's band play at Grand Central Bar on Grand Street here in Brooklyn. Since it's in the neighborhood (seven short blocks from home, to be exact) I figured I didn't have much of an excuse not to go. I also wasn't feeling as gnarly as I am today.

The Blackout Shoppers were good as always and I had a nice time, but I woke up this morning sick as hell. I had planned to blog about a bunch of different things but my illness got in the way and I can't remember what they were.

I think I was going to write Subway Rant #2, because the subways ticked me off yesterday for a number of reasons, starting with MetroCard vending machines that are very poorly maintained and can cause a guy like me to watch two trains go by before finally accepting the debit card. Yeah, and then Raffi pissed me off. I'll have to tell you about Raphael Santiago another time.

I'm feeling better now but I was just sweating in bed for an hour. If I can summon the energy I might take a walk in a few minutes to buy the Sunday New York Times. That's about the extent of our plans tonight, but it will be nice.


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