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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Long Live Pope Benedict XVI

I was planning to write another whinging blog entry about how sick I still am, but then the smoke from the Sistine Chapel was white, and I gathered in the conference room at work with fellow Romans Kevin and Tom and watched the announcement of the new pope, Joseph Ratzinger, who will govern the worlds 1.1 billion Catholics as Pope Benedict XVI.

He's not the choice I had hoped for, but now that he's been elected, let's all support him and make his job as easy as possible (which is something I cannot bring myself to do for our so-called American president).

Remember, it's the Pope's job to be conservative, to counterbalance the more permissive influences of the world. We'll live our actual lives somewhere in the middle. Nobody's going to take away your rock and roll.

That the cardinals elected a German pope indicates to me that the church is concerned for its declining membership in Western Europe. They could have chosen an African or Latin American pope to reflect the places where the church is growing, but I guess they figured those countries don't need any more help being Catholic, they're doing fine on their own.

Long live Pope Benedict XVI.


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