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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What Goes Down . . .

Funny how I was feeling down this morning, lamenting my wet sock and lowly status in life, albeit with a positive spin. I just found out from one of our editors, Brendan, that Esquire will be using a small item I submitted a couple of months ago for the May issue.

It's not my first Esquire piece (can't quite call it a story, more like a jokey little editorial sneeze) but it's my first in a while, certainly the first of 2005. I can honestly say I have written for Esquire. Not bad!

And unless it gets "spiked" at the last minute (which has happened before) it's going in May, so please look out for it. I'd tell you what it is, but this is paid content, friends. I blog for free, but I write for Esquire in exchange for legal tender (we're talking three figures . . . before tax.)

I'm going to start stepping in puddles every morning, if that's what it takes.


Blogger Jenn said...

Congrats to you! The positive attitude paid off--or the puddle-stepping. Or maybe just your fine story pitching skills (and obvious writing talents).

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is the May issue scheduled to hit the newsstands? I want to be sure to reserve a copy with my news agent.
-Märt Päntan

11:56 AM  

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