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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wet Foot

I just got back from my weekly walk from the Esquire offices at 1790 Broadway to the other Hearst building at 250 West 55th Street. Every Tuesday morning I take my timesheet and those of the other freelancers currently at Esquire and drop them in the timesheet box there, so we can get our checks on Saturday. I enjoy getting out of the office for any reason, and this is only a fifteen- or twenty-minute round trip, but it's also a walk of shame, reminding me that I'm still, after all this time, only a freelancer at Esquire.

It's cold today, and there are big slushy puddles on every corner, remnants of last night's "blizzard." In my haste to cross 56th Street before the light changed I stepped in a puddle about six inches deep, and the water went right into my left boot, which made me feel terrific. I couldn't help but thinking about all those other people at Esquire, eating their bagels and muffins in the warm, dry offices, never giving a thought to timesheets and depositing checks, because they have the joy that is direct deposit (and, I might add, no-fee Citibank savings and checking accounts through Hearst, which I pay dearly for).

I will admit that I am susceptible to self-pity, but I can recognize when it's coming and try to turn it around before it picks up momentum. So that was a moment to turn it around. A wet boot is something I can handle, as is a freelance magazine job. I did some decent writing at home last night and will do more tonight, which makes me feel good, like I at least accomplished something for myself. And it's Tuesday, and I already accomplished a lot this morning, making not one but two trips to the cleaners to pick up two big bags of laundry before even getting to work (late, natch). We had extra laundry because of our houseguests, sheets and towels and such.

Okay, so here I am, typing away on the G-5, drinking my grapefruit juice and looking over my research assignments for the day. Yeah, I think I can handle it.


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