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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Snow

It has been snowing and sleeting in New York City all day long. Spring started on the 20th so this is officially a Spring snowstorm. It's cold and wet and about an inch and a half of slush has accumulated on the streets and sidewalks of Manhattan and Brooklyn. I can't vouch for the other boroughs but I imagine it's the same there.

I got a bunch of stuff done today and feel good about it. I did a couple of interviews; one big, one small; I fulfilled my regular fact checking duties with alacrity; I faxed a letter and a form to my Putnam fund to credit my stock purchases over the past twelve months against a sale charge I had a year ago (tax stuff); I wrote and filed a freelance story to The Star-Ledger for their educational supplement; and I went to karate to observe the black belt promotion that's going on now. They did very well.

The walk home from the subway in Brooklyn was really cold. Like a dummy I didn't bring a hat, gloves, or an umbrella to work today (I did have a scarf) so my hair was covered in snow crystals. But after some reheated leftovers and a hot shower I feel fine.

Now I've got to start transcribing my interview. Busy day, but good busy.


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