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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Something to Say

Sometimes it seems like everybody in New York has an announcement to make. Earlier today I was running errands in the city and enjoyed/endured another candy sales kid on the subway. They typically walk from car to car hawking their wares, and they almost always follow the same script, verbatim. I have memorized it and could easily lip-sync along.

"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. My name is xxx xxx (usually Reginald Harris, I don't know why) and no I am not selling candy to make money for my school basketball team (they used to always say that, but New York has since gotten wise to it). I'm selling candy so I can stay off the streets and have a little money in my pocket."

"At the moment all I have are M&M Peanuts and Starburst. (I don't know why they say 'all' I have, but they do. Seems like bad salesmanship.) Each candy is a dollar. If you'd like to buy a candy or make a donation it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, God bless, and have a safe journey."

Then they walk through the car and say "wanna buy, wanna buy, wanna buy," but it usually sounds like "baa, baa, baa."

I didn't baa. Instead I ran my errands: the bank on First Avenue, the post office on what little there is of Fourth Avenue (where I bought a set of Pacific Coral Reef stamps, to complement my Northeast Deciduous Forest stamps), and Astor Wines for wine and sake on Astor Place, naturally (which is named after John Jacob Astor.)

I came home, quickly gathered my fight gear, and went to the dojo for kumite class, which was a blast as usual. Good fights, good spirit, and no injuries, although I did break my big toenail on my left foot kicking this one dude.

On my way home from the dojo I was waiting for the L-train at Sixth Avenue and, wouldn't you know it, a roving evangelist exactly like the last guy (except white) had a few loud words to say about the "good news" the bible holds for us sinners. His script was almost the same as the last guy's script, except this guy had three different lengths of rope as a visual aid to describe the three main types of sinners. I think I was the middle rope.

When the train came in I made a point to not get in the train car that he chose, but fortunately for Brooklyn he stayed on the platform. I have to wonder, did somebody just unleash a whole army of these guys on New York?

Now it's 6:29 p.m on this Saturday night and Jenn and I are going out tonight. I'm taking her to Miyako, an excellent sushi restaurant here in Williamsburg (our favorite). I had promised Jenn I would take her there as part of my Christmas present to her, and tonight's the night. (It has a lot to do with me receiving freelance checks for two different jobs today, as well as my regular paycheck.)

I'll describe the sashimi in my next posting. Kampai!


Blogger Jenn said...

Miyako is one of those wonderful spots that everyone in the neighborhood loves, but doesn't want to talk up too much because it's already a bit crowded. It's one of the best sashimi spots in NYC--by far. And one of its best kept secrets. A wonderful place to celebrate Christmas (late) and our 5-year anniversary (March 2). Thank you, honey.

11:24 PM  

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