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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I got out of work a little bit early last night due to the holiday and came straight home. I immediately sat down at the computer and started transcribing my recent interview. It was kind of a lot of work and I got through maybe half of it. I'm glad I made some progress, and I'll try to put in some time on it today as well.

After working for an hour or so I got hungry and Jenn was out to dinner with her friends so I walked out to Yola's on Metropolitan Avenue for a beef burrito. I sat on a stool while I was waiting for them to prepare my burrito. Yola's is a very small, very clean, very bright restaurant. There's a TV on top of a drink cooler that always has a Spanish-language variety show on it. The reception is always a little bit fuzzy.

While I was sitting there watching some type of dating game on the TV one of their guys came in with a delivery, a huge bag of dried red chili peppers. He plopped the bag on the counter and I could smell the peppers. This amused me. It was about the size of a small laundry bag, like ten pounds of laundry, but it took up most of the small counter area by the register. It was the biggest bag of red chili peppers I had ever seen.

As I was marveling at this big, clear plastic bag full of dried red chili peppers and listening to the monetary negotiations between the pepper guy (who also had cases of soft drinks) and the woman behind the counter and hearing the Spanish dating show as well I felt a rumbling in my seat. It took me a second to remember that Yola's is a basement restaurant directly on top of the Canarsie-bound L-train station. Peppers, dating shows, and subway rumbling. And a burrito, which was delicious and substantial.

After I ate and watched about 45 minutes of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Jenn came home. I decided I was done working so I showered and put on comfy clothes and stretched out on our new loveseat and ottoman and read all the weekend sections of the various newspapers I always take home from work on Fridays.

We relaxed that way for a while and went to bed. Nice. Today will follow my regular Saturday pattern for the most part.


Blogger Jenn said...

I second those endorsements: Yola's (cheap, convenient, good--and filling--Mexican food) and Kenji Kawakami's book (some of my personal faves: duster slippers for cats, shoes with backward print pads, and portable commuter seats--which would be very handy on crowded commuter trains).

12:44 PM  

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