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Friday, March 11, 2005

Northeast Deciduous Forest

This afternoon I walked to the post office on 60th Street to mail out a couple of packages (books) and buy a sheet of stamps. I always ask for the latest and greatest stamps and this time the postal guy (I think his name was Mark) showed me a sheet of Northeast Deciduous Forest stamps.

It's a beautiful sheet of stamps and it will be a shame to have to stick them on bills. The key on the back shows you what plants and animals (excuse me, flora and fauna) are featured, such as the Northern Red Oak, the Ovenbird, the American Beech, the White-tailed Deer, and my favorite, the Long-tailed Weasel!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your Blog which I came across by accident using the "next blog" button. Have book marked it and will return to see what's happening in your great city.

Des O'Dwyer

12:49 PM  

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