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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Free Fruit

Today really feels like a Spring day. I hope the weather is like this for our whitewater rafting trip in two weeks. Maybe a few degrees warmer even. I'm ready to go no matter what the weather, but I would prefer the Hudson River Gorge to be sun-dappled.

I made some decent progress on one of my freelance stories yesterday but I'm kind of stalled on my more important story, which is frustrating. I hope I can break through the brick wall this week.

I took the subway home from work with Jenn last night and was telling her that I didn't have any money for dinner so I hoped she could spot me a couple of bucks for a chicken fried rice. This guy standing near us on the L train overheard me and--I'm not making this up--reached into his bag and offered me an orange and an apple.

I think he was one of those homeless outreach guys who's not all that far from homeless himself.

Of course I politely declined his offer of free fruit, suggesting he could find someone more needy than I, but that was a first for me.

Jenn found it embarassing, but in the end he was just an eavesdropping guy trying to be . . . I'm not sure what. Neither of us look poor. And you're allowed to ask your wife for chicken-fried-rice money without having homeless outreach food thrust upon you. So either he was overly generous and underly observant, or he was being a jerk. Whatever. That's New York City Transit for you. Always an adventure.

I've got to go beg for my timesheet and take the Tuesday walk of shame now. Maybe I should have taken that fruit.


Blogger Jenn said...

For the record, I'm fine spotting my husband a few bucks for dinner--and did. (It beats paying a few bucks to take money out of a non-bank ATM and he always reciprocates). But who needs hand-outs when you've got a generous Italian landlady who leaves you a big plate of pasta with meatballs!

1:38 PM  

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