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Saturday, March 05, 2005

#1 Victor Ozols

I'm back on top of Google. I had disappeared for a while in between old blog and new, but I'm back at #1, ahead of Victor Ozols the doctor and Victor Ozols the British heroin addict, though I wish them both the best.

I didn't blog yesterday. Things at Esquire were getting busier, and I had work to do. I left work at 6:30 p.m. and took the subway to Bedford Avenue and walked to the Brooklyn Brewery, where I met Seth a few minutes later.

It was a short visit, just two beers long (Organic Stout and Pilsener) but it was nice to see him and sit on a stack of pallets. The door was open, though, and it was cold, even though I was wearing two wool sweaters.

I walked with Seth to the subway at Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street and gave him a swipe of my 30-day-unlimited Metrocard. A Manhattan-bound train was just pulling in to the station and Seth got it. It was 8:29 p.m. according to the Metrocard reader display clock.

I walked home, shivering in the bitter cold that comes off the East River (which is really not a river at all, it's a tidal estuary). Jenn had just gotten home. We had a quiet evening, since we were both tired. We watched part of a Dave Chappelle special and went to bed.

Today's extra challenge is getting into Manhattan without the L train, which is closed for repairs this weekend. (Even the Brooklyn Brewery home page has a note about the subway, which I think is cool.) I'll have to take the G train to Queens Plaza and transfer there to get to kumite at 4:00 p.m. Other plans for today include cleaning the house, doing some writing, and saving America.


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