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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wednesday Report: Mild Paranoia

It's busy at Esquire today and I've got to get to work on the April issue, so this will have to be brief. I stayed at work too late last night to make it to the dojo but tonight I'll be there for black belt class. Our annual black belt dinner will be held on Friday night at a restaurant downtown and I've got to buy my ticket as well as get a patch for a blue blazer that I don't yet have. I'm actually thinking about buying a blue blazer from the Salvation Army store. The only thing keeping me from it is a lack of time to do it. Yes, some day I will own an expensive, high quality blue blazer. In the meantime my blazer budget is about five bucks. I'll give a report on that soon. Please let the record show that I do own two nice suits and a nifty gray DKNY jacket, but I have no blue blazer.

Jenn wasn't feeling well last night. She blogged for a while and then went to bed at around 10:30 p.m. Her blog is anonymous, which is probably wise, while mine is out there flapping in the wind. I've got to be careful when I name names. It's amazing how easy it is for people to stumble upon it when they search for various things. With my Statcounter software I can actually see the referring web pages. For example, one person clicked on my blog because he (or she) was searching for Sal's Pizza on Lorimer Street, and I happened to mention once that I got a few slices from there. (And I did last night too.) Sal's won't change your life but it's a fine slice.

Sometimes I get paranoid about it but generally I'm okay with attaching my name to it for all the world to see. Hey world! My guiding rule is that it's okay to name names if I'm writing something positive, but keep the targets of criticism anonymous. I'm oriented to focusing on the positive anyway. People have encouraged me to be more carefree, caustic, and crazy but they're not the ones who have to answer for it. I'm feeling my way through this, and will find my voice soon enough. I feel safe enough writing about karate, and people seem to like that. Blogging about the state of the city, as I see it, is no problem. I'm reluctant to write about my job at Esquire too much, though. I wouldn't want to reveal secrets and find myself in the cheese line. Suffice it to say everybody here is intelligent, industrious, and kind to animals.

Anyway, the one interesting thing I did last night was watch the old French movie Breathless on DVD. I had to check a fact about Belmondo. I watched it without subtitles, even though I don't speak French. At times I felt I could understand it pretty well. Breathless is a very cool movie.

The weather in New York City this morning is mild. My commute was reasonable. I bumped into one of my work colleagues on the L train at Lorimer Street where we got on. New York does seem like a small town sometimes, or maybe we're just on the same schedule. In any case, Williamsburg is home to so many magazine people. I see people reading page proofs on the trian sometimes.


Blogger Jenn said...

It's true: my blog is anonymous, though only partly so. I reveal enough in my postings and my profile that anyone who knows me, would probably figure it out. But I do admire you, honey, for signing your full name to your postings. I'm more than mildly paranoid that an offhand comment in my blog might come back to haunt me (or get me fired).

11:57 AM  

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