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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I was a bit sluggish and down yesterday morning but today I'm sorted. Jenn woke me up with a cuppa joe at 7:55 a.m. She split for the gym and I gulped it down and put on some clothes and took a early morning walk to the cleaners to pick up the laundry.

Did I say I had my act together? Well, I forgot to bring money, but that wasn't a problem. Kay released the laundry bag into my custody and I lugged it home. After finishing my morning routine I stopped back by her shop on the way to the subway and forked over the dough. Mission accomplished.

Today's weather is unseasonably warm for February 8, but it looks like a winter sky, and it still feels like winter, kind of like when you put the air conditioner on in your car but don't make the temperature very cold. The sky is white.

I had a case of the blahs yesterday, but my spirits improved after I had some steamed vegetables and a fish cake for lunch. I was depressed over the progression or lack thereof of my writing career, but Jenn and I had a chat in the evening and I looked through my 2005 Writer's Market book and decided to redouble my efforts, focusing on travel and adventure writing, with a few navel-gazers thrown in. If anybody out there cares to share some good magazine leads I'm all ears. And yes, I do pitch things to Esquire from time to time, and have gotten a few items in the book in the past and possibly have something coming up in a couple of months. But I want more. More work. More money. More everything.

Anyway, enough introspection. As Rilke writes in his eighth elegy, with all its eyes the creature world beholds the open, while our eyes are turned inward. Here's the story from the streets of New York.

People are getting by alright. I was just out on Broadway for my weekly walk from 58th to 55th and back to drop off timesheets at our old building. Traffic was light and I didn't see anybody visibly freaking out. Let's all stay sorted.


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