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Monday, February 21, 2005

Presidents Day

It's Monday morning, Presidents Day, and there is snow on the ground. We're drinking coffee and waiting for our new love seat to be delivered. I just called Pier 1 and tried to find out where I was in the delivery queue (they told me to call) and the woman I spoke to was so obnoxious I hung up on her. So I guess I'm doomed to wait here from "ten to two" no matter what.

Yesterday afternoon Jenn and I went into Manhattan and went to her office, where we met her stepbrother Jay. The three of us took advantage of the views from Jenn's building to see The Gates from above. I shot some pictures and video. Jay also brought us one of his paintings as a wedding gift.

After looking at the gates from above, we went down to the park and walked around for about 45 minutes. It was my third time walking through the park to look at The Gates, my fourth if you count my brief walk before they were unfurled. It may have been the best view, however, because it was kind of windy and the saffron panels really danced at times. I shot one video that captures it really well.

We were getting cold and the sun had set so we all piled into Jay's truck and drove out to Brooklyn, where we hung out at home for a few minutes. I hooked up the camera to the computer and uploaded the images and videos, and then burned CDs for Jay and myself. After a ten-minute slide show, we all walked out to a local restaurant called DuMont.

We had a long wait for a table, but it was excellent once we got one, because we had a booth by the window with a great view of both the interior of the restaurant and of the snow falling on Union Street, covering up a Studebaker parked out front. (We were wondering what kind of car it was, taking wild guesses, so I walked out to it to settle the matter: Studebaker.)

Both Jay and I ordered DuMont burgers. It's not very creative but I hadn't had a burger in a while and DuMont makes a fine burger. Mine had gruyere cheese and world-class French fries. Jenn got the chicken. The waitress was flirting with Jay and Jay was flirting with the waitress but in the end we paid our check and went out into the blizzard.

Jay drives a Toyota 4Runner so the snow wasn't much of a problem for him, but I think the traffic was. In any case, we said goodbye to him and then had a snowy walk around the neighborhood before going home and hitting the sack. It was a pleasant day.

Rest in peace Hunter Thompson.


Blogger Jenn said...

One reason the wait wasn't so bad was because we spent most of it drinking beer and eating chips and guacamole (which Victor was kind enough to pay for) down the street at the Subway Bar.
And the food--and company--at DuMont were excellent, as always.

5:09 PM  

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