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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My New Blazer

I'm feeling kind of smart and also a little bit pathetic over the purchase of my new used Brooks Brothers blazer for $9.99 at the Salvation Army on West 46th Street. It's actually quite a fine garment, frayed here and there on the inside lining but generally sound and of good quality. Jenn agreed, and said it fit me well.

I bought the Seido patch on my way into black belt class tonight and tomorrow morning I'll drop the jacket off at my dry cleaner lady (Kay on Graham Ave). I'll have her sew the patch on and fix the inside pocket and a couple other things and also get it steamed. I fished the pen out that had fallen into the lining (through that frayed inside pocket I bet). It's a really nice disposable pen, a Sanford uni-ball Vision Elite, and it writes very well, still has ink, and isn't chewed on. (Okay, here's where I feel a little pathetic.) In any case I'll be looking fine in my 100% wool Brooks Brothers navy blazer at the black belt dinner Friday night. Doing things right, on the cheap.

So I can't resist writing about karate, because some of the things we learn in class are so cool. Tonight, like every Wednesday, is black belt class, taught by the founder of our style. I'd estimate that maybe sixty or seventy people show up, maybe more. All different people, just like the streets of New York, except they are all black belts. Tonight there was a reporter from a Japanese television station scouting scenes for a special they will do later. As with all guests, we welcomed her and gave her a big round of applause to show our appreciation for her visit.

Today we worked on different techniques involving a bo (long, heavy staff) versus a jo (short staff, like a cane without a hook). It's so interesting and so much fun practicing techniques like that. It's hard to put into words but I'm compelled to try. In one technique your opponent tries to hit you on your head with an overhead strike with the bo, and you counter with your smaller jo, twisting his bo over, spinning, knocking him off balance, and finishing with a strong back kick. I'm very much in the moment when doing stuff like that, but when I catch my breath I marvel at how unique and fortunate it is to train like that with such excellent people under such talented instructors. Truly amazing stuff.

So I took the subway home, gave my poor sniffly wife a kiss (hoping I wouldn't catch a cold), and unpacked my stuff, marveling at my sleek new old blazer. Good Lord, I am a cheap, cheap man.


Blogger x said...

Dude, feel no shame about such a fine purchase. Only a sucker would pitch a perfectly good Brooks Brothers jacket that needs only a little tailoring to bring up to mint. I need to get out and see what the Canadian Sally Army stores have to offer myself.

There's a Finnish guy on my team here that is way into Karate, and practices with a local guy (Asian population is huge here, so martial arts are v. popular). He's got me intrigued again. I was always pissed at myself for not going back to Seido after my knee got better. We'll see - might not be the best time, family-wise for such pursuits..

Man, this is a long comment, isn't it?

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be a very great thing indeed if we, your readers, could be treated to a blog-embedded photograph of you wearing your all-wool Brooks Brothers blue blazer with Seido patch. Or if you don't want to publish your likeness, a photo of just the blazer would suffice.
Märt Päntan

5:35 PM  

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