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Friday, February 18, 2005

Morning Clouds

Today is Friday and for some reason Hearst gives all its employees off on both Friday and Monday of Presidents Day weekend. Today is specifically for Abraham Lincoln, while Monday is for George Washington. As I have whined about before, as a freelancer, these days off are killing me. Three four-day weeks in a row equals a very tight budget.

So that's got me down a little bit, but I'm trying to harness my bilious energy for productive use. Today, like last Friday, I shall go to karate and then meditation class. I'll write about that later.

I woke up today as though I was going to work. Jenn made coffee and split. I went into Manhattan to run errands. Right before hopping the subway back to Brooklyn I went to David's Bagels for an onion bagel with egg salad. There were no rude people like last time, but this one little old lady was driving everybody insane.

"I want a toasted bialy with mayonnaise and one scrambled egg, well done," she said, over and over again. "And, is this a plain bagel?" she asked, repeatedly, pointing to the bin of obviously plain bagels. "I'll have a plain bagel then," she said. But she wanted a specific plain bagel out of the bin. Not that one, no, not that one either, the dark one on the bottom.

"Should I go wait by the register?" she asked, again, multiple times. Of course, lady, everybody goes to the register after they order. Once she got to the register she decided that she wanted the egg on the side of the bagel instead of on the bagel. And of course coming up with the right change to pay was a huge issue as well. She'll break a ten. Wait, no she won't, she'll count out the pennies. No, then again, she'll break that ten. "Can he put that egg on the side?"

I do realize that sometimes older people get lonely and just want to talk to people, so I wasn't tempted to scream obscenities at her or anything, but I did feel sorry for the good people behind the counter, because I imagine they get about a hundred customers just like her every day.

I hopped on the subway back to Brooklyn. The New York City subway system has two types of intercom systems. The ones where you can't hear a single thing (like this train is skipping your stop) and the ones that are so loud you are ready to confess to crimes you didn't commit. This morning's subway was the latter, and I even changed cars to avoid it, but to no avail. BROOKLYN-BOUND L TRAIN! Aaaaaah! I confess! I did it! Just make it stop!

When I came out of the subway in Brooklyn the clouds looked really weird off to the west, over Manhattan, as if a big plume of smoke was snaking across the city, and I don't need to tell you what huge plumes of smoke over Manhattan remind me of.

The bagel was good. I watched about ten minutes of Eurotrip and three minutes of a strong man competition (from Victoria Falls in Zambia . . . which I have visited). Now I'm getting sorted out and ready to go back into the city.


Blogger Jenn said...

Toasted bialy with mayonnaise and one scrambled egg, well done?
I think she's insane.
But, mmm.. an onion bagel with egg salad would hit the spot right now.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have exactly the same two types of intercom systems on the BART system here in the Bay Area. They must use the same contractor.

12:07 PM  

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