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Thursday, February 24, 2005


I'm still walking the tightrope between sick and not-sick.

Last night I went to black belt class at the dojo. There was a group of people from our dojo in Florence, Italy. We welcomed them warmly and gave them a big round of applause for their week-long visit. Some of them are here to take a special promotion (the test you take when you move up in rank). I remember when they visited a couple of years ago. They fought especially hard in kumite class, a real tough one to get through. I recall seeing stars at the end.

On my commute home I once again encountered Shakerleg on the L-train platform. The only downside to Shakerleg is that he makes me absolutely detest the other subway drummers, of which there are many. Shakerleg is a musician. Those other guys grab a couple of buckets, flip them over, pound on them while making faces, and expect people to swoon. Sadly, some people will go nuts for any drummer at all, so there will always be a market for untalented subway drummers. May Shakerleg crush them all.

I should add that he doesn't use drumsticks. He tapes his fingers and does it all by hand. Also he has a shaker on his leg.

When I got home, Jenn was watching the finale of Project Runway. After a final fashion show, Jay was chosen as the winner, defeating finalists Wendy (the basket case) and Kara Saun (the talented cheater). We watched it while preparing for our guests, Mayumi and Kevin who . . .

Arrived this morning at 7:45 a.m. after a red-eye from San Diego. They are currently sleeping it off on our pullout sofa. And I'm at work, trying to get healthy.


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