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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Ding Dong

I've been overachieving lately. On Friday I wrote that I might, maybe, possibly try to install that ethernet card into Jenn's computer, but please nobody get their hopes up. I ended up doing it in no time flat. Then yesterday morning I wrote that Jenn and I were going to "look at couches." Well, we bought one, in record time (less than an hour).

It's a love seat, actually, basically the same design as the one we just got rid of, but sturdier, a nicer color (blue), and not all stained and falling apart. We got an ottoman to go with it (I should just call it a foot rest) and three fancy pillows to give it some flash. We got it for a good price and my parents very generously offered to buy it for us. Thanks Mom and Dad!

We left Pier 1 Imports (where we got the love seat, to be delivered tomorrow) and Jenn walked to the gym on Eighth Avenue and I walked to the dojo on 23rd and Sixth. Kumite class was a lot of fun as usual, and I showered and dressed and took the subway home, where Jenn was waiting for me.

We picked up some take-out from Yola's, a Chilean cab from the corner store, and the hot-off-the-presses Sunday Times from Hana, went home and had dinner. It was a cold night and Jenn didn't feel up to going out so I went out at about 9:00 p.m. to head to The Ding-Dong Lounge.

Due to construction, the L train terminated at Union Square, so I had to transfer to the uptown R to Times Square, and then to the uptown 2 to 96th. I got out at 96th and Broadway (my old neighborhood) and stopped by the Citibank to deposit a check, but there wasn't one single deposit envelope in the whole place, which was annoying and typical of Citibank.

From there I walked to 106th and Columbus and went to the bar. The occasion was Noah Shachtman's 34th birthday party. The Ding-Dong Lounge is a very nice place in a somewhat unlikely neighborhood. It was dimly light by iron chandeliers and had wooden tables and brick walls. It seemed kind of like a basement but it was at street level. The DJ was playing a variety of nice music, one band I remember hearing was Franz Ferdinand.

It was a fun party. Noah was there with Elizabeth, Phillip, and Marcella when I arrived. In short order we saw the arrival of Adam, Jamie, Cindy, Jordan, Webster, MaryAlice, and many more. There was much good cheer. Jamie surfs Rockaway Beach, and told us how a seal scared the heck out of him when he was surfing on Tuesday. Yes, he even surfs in the winter, and yes, there are seals in the waters around New York.

I left at midnight, as the party was in full swing. I had a long ride home so I didn't want to be stuck uptown too late. Adam and I split a cab to the subway at 96th and then I retraced my subway journey from earlier: The 1 to Times Square, the Q to Union Square, the L to Brooklyn. It took me an hour to get home. I spent an equal amount of time at the party and in transit, two hours each. Still, it was worth it. Nice group of people.

Jenn was still up when I got home, Saturday Night Live had just ended. We went to sleep at about 2:00 a.m. Today we woke up feeling fine. I went to karate at 12:00 noon and Jenn went to the gym. We're back now, and gearing up for another adventurous afternoon.


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