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Friday, January 21, 2005

What Are You Wearing?

Temperature in New York City right now:

-10 Celcius (Feels Like -16)

14 Fahrenheit (Feels Like -4)

I'm wearing: CK Boxers, gray 18-year-old Fork Union Military Academy sweatpants, old CK Jeans, new socks, black Doc Marten Boots (just fixed), white tank top (wife beater), black swag tee-shirt with a picture of a lizard on it, tan sweater, white wool Orvis sweater on top of that. For venturing outside: scarf, hat, gloves, Dickies denim jacket, black Schott NYC leather jacket on top.

Layers, man. Layers. I'm not taking any chances.

It is hard to move. I feel like I'm wearing a space suit.

Last night I heroically wrote my 1,100-word Bank/Investment/Insurance Company overview story for The Star-Ledger. I had to stay at work until 7:45 p.m. to interview an economist from Commerce Bank, then I took the subway home to Brooklyn. Jenn's still in Chicago. I ate some pizza and watched the Apprentice, which emboldened me to pursue my million dollar idea. Then I wrote the Star-Ledger story, taking a break to watch The Daily Show. It was cold in the house, even with the heater on full-blast.

When I got to work today I had a voicemail from some toolbox from the public affairs office of an unnamed state government agency telling me that the economist I spoke to yesterday can't speak on behalf of the agency. Of course, said public affairs toolbox couldn't return my repeated calls yesterday, so I just went ahead and did the interview. I'm not sure who annoys me more: inept PR people or super-slick PR people.

At some point today (Friday) I have to put together 500 words on where to invest your money in 2005, but that's not too tough.

Oh, yesterday there was some inauguration thing in Washington. I tried hard to ignore it, but I am very afraid for the future of our country and the world.


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