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Monday, January 10, 2005

A Walk in SoHo

Having had my coffee and newspaper time after the karate event yesterday, I pulled myself together and took a walk to the local grocery store for some lean chicken breasts and a loaf of Italian bread. I grilled the chicken in our black, cast-iron skillet and made some garlic bread. Jenn and I enjoyed a nice dinner at the table downstairs.

After cleaning up I was kind of crawling the walls, so I convinced Jenn to come with me for a after-dinner stroll through SoHo. We had the vague idea of going somewhere for a drink, but really we just wanted to walk off our dinner a bit. The weather was cool but clear and SoHo is always a pleasant neighborhood to walk in. Being Sunday night, most of the stores were closed, but there was plenty of activity. We had brought cameras with us and snapped away. We had gotten off the subway at Canal street and we eventually made our way back up to 14th and First, where we took the subway back home to Brooklyn, feeling tired but good. It was around this point (10:00 p.m.) that I started getting really tired from my lack of sleep the night before. When we got home we looked at my digital photos on the computer (I had taken about 215 of them, maybe thirty turned out really well). I fell asleep within moments of my head touching the pillow.

This morning was a typical Monday morning, but I got my act together pretty well, dropped off the laundry, and made it to Esquire only a little bit late.


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