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Friday, January 28, 2005

This or That

Last night's karate class (senior kata) was great, although I felt kind of weak while I was there at the dojo. I hadn't had enough to eat so I was a bit wobbly as we went through our forms and did our knuckle pushups. On the way home I stopped by Family Garden in Brooklyn and got a small order of beef with mixed Chinese vegetables, just steamed, no sauce. It was delicious. It's true that it's hard to eat healthy food on the cheap, but most Chinese takeout places offer steamed vegetables with your choice of chicken, beef, or tofu, and it's always a good bet. Add a little soy sauce and you've got yourself a healthy lifestyle, sort of. My meal was quite filling and it cost $4.50.

I've written enough about the weather of late, but it's worth noting that today is just about the coldest day we've seen yet this season. When I woke up the radio said it was six degrees Fahrenheit outside, and we can look forward to a high of 20 degrees today. I'm not as layered as I normally am (only one sweater instead of two) but I've taken to wearing a jacket underneath my coat pretty much every day now.

Here's my read on the pulse of New York. Most people are doing fine and well today, cold but happy that it's Friday, but I'm a bit saddened by the news of a 28-year-old actress who was murdered on the Lower East Side Wednesday night. People get killed all the time, I know, but this was in a neighborhood where my friends and I frequently hang out. They had been hanging out at a bar called Max Fish. It's a damn shame. She lived in Greenpoint.

As for what's going on tonight, I'm prepared for this, that, or the other. I brought my gi in case I want to go to karate, and I brought my two leftover beer tokens in case I wind up at the Brewery. And I'm open to doing something else as well, so long as it's cheap.


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