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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Saturday Morning Fever

It's Saturday morning, 10:06 a.m. in Brooklyn, New York. Jenn's gone to the gym. I'll meet her at the Starbucks at 8th Avenue in a little over an hour so we can go together to Penn Station and catch a train to Morris, New Jersey. Her stepbrother lives there. He's an artist and his work is hanging in a gallery, and we're going to see it and also have lunch. Jay's a cool guy.

Last night (Friday night) I worked until about 8:00 p.m. and finally closed the feature story I was working on. I'm afraid to say what it was because of my large, international readership. I wouldn't want to endanger my job at Esquire, but it involved an American soldier in Iraq.

I left work and took the subway down to Seth's apartment on Grove Street in Greenwich Village (or simply, "the Village"). Marty was there and I brought him about thirty CDs from bands I had never heard of. We have a couple of boxes of giveaway CDs at work that anybody can take, and I know Marty's the guy to spend the time listening to them and sorting the wheat from the chaff. It's a good music vetting process.

We had two beers apiece (Anchor Steam beers, which I much prefer to the Sierra Nevada mentioned earlier) and caught up on what each other were up to, but we split at around 9:30 p.m. or so. I went home, Marty went to his girl's place, and Seth went to DJ at a Lower East Side bar called Motor City.

I haven't been to Barnes & Noble to check calendar prices since Wednesday night, so I hope that proves I'm not a complete freak. If I have time I'll drop by on the way to meeting Jenn. I've also got to drop off the laundry and it might take a few minutes to get it together.

As for my freelance work, I'm happy to report that I filed the first two stories and have my editor's blessing to file the third over this (long) weekend. Next week will be kind of slow at Esquire so it won't be a problem to report and write the two stories that are due on Friday, January 21.


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