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Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's Monday

This will have to be brief:

I arrived at work (I'm a fact checker at Esquire) a bit late today at about 10:25 a.m. but still managed to get here before some of my colleagues. I had to drop off the laundry before work, and the laundry bag was huge (probably 40 pounds) and it took a while to get everything together. But here I am at my desk at 1790 Broadway, 13th Floor. The subways were okay. The weather is mild for January 3.

Last night's New Year's goal setting with Jenn wasn't too tough. Get rich. Write more and better. Start a family with Jenn. She's more specific in her goals: get new curtains and couch, etc. Now it's time to achieve those goals, but writing them down is a start.

I'm still excited about having this new publishing medium, but I've got "real" work to do, so I'm off. I'll drop back in later if I have a chance. One comment in the spirit of the blog title: New York seems to be doing fine in 2005 so far. The mood on the subway was bleary but bullish. People in the office are saying "Happy New Year" to each other.


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