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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Interesting Life

Today is the first Wednesday of 2005. Here's what I have to report:

Yesterday afternoon my friend Noah came up with a pair of tickets to see the New York Knicks basketball team play the Sacramento Kings at world famous Madison Square Garden arena. In my ten years living in New York I had never been there, so it was a first for me. The Garden is ugly from the outside (it looks like a big rabbit warren, though those are not my words) but impressive on the inside. The game was exciting as well. The Knicks were decent in the first quarter, and flat in the second quarter. However, a third quarter rally had the Garden crowd on its feet cheering. The Knicks had taken the lead! Sadly, that lead dissolved in the fourth, and the Knicks lost the game 105-98. Still, it was a very enjoyable game, impressive for my first trip to the famed venue.

The game interfered with my market research project on calendar prices, however. After going to the bookstore on the first, second, and third, I didn't make it there on the fourth, which may have been my last, best hope for a calendar bargain. I might drop by tonight, after black belt class.

This morning it is raining in New York, and the temperature is expected to drop throughout the day. Snow and sleet is expected in the evening. The subways were pretty crowded this morning but I arrived at Esquire just in time at 10:00 a.m. to do an interview for a freelance story I am writing about real estate for The Star-Ledger. It's always a hustle, but things are working out. And speaking of working, I've got to get busy on Esquire's behalf, so I'll have to end this post.


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