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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

It's Cold Outside!

I just took a short walk down the block to the mailbox to drop a couple of bills in the mail. It's awfully cold out there. It's -12 Celcius. Feels like -18 C. I set my New York City page on Celcius units just for comparison and haven't changed it back to Fahrenheit yet. By either measure it's cold. I wanted to jump on the computer right away and start writing but my fingers are still numb.

It's Tuesday night, 10:33 p.m. and Jenn's on her way back from a research trip to Philadelphia. I came straight home from work. The house was cold but I've had the heaters on a little while now. I'm listening to some lively classical music on WQXR.

Things at Esquire were pretty slow today so I made some calls for my last two Star-Ledger stories that I need to file on Friday. Nothing too strenuous. An overview of the banking and insurance sectors in New Jersey and a where to invest in 2005 story on stock and bond markets. Not too much trouble.

I guess the standout element of today was simply the cold. It was really the first seriously cold winter day. We had a few cold days in the fall but this was the first real New York winter day. There are a few very small snowdrifts left on the streets here in Brooklyn from the light dusting of snow night before last. People were bundled up in the subways, a woman at the United Homeless Organization table outside on the corner of 57th and Broadway was yelling really loudly for people to have compassion.

When it's really cold like this in New York it reminds me of the time I was living in Riga, Latvia in 1992-1994. Winters there were pretty brutal but there was always lots of snow to brighten the mood. Snow and vodka. And a strange, strong Latvian drink called Melnais Balzams (Black Balsam). Those were good times.


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