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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Idealistic Tuesday

The cold spell is still upon us New Yorkers, but the snow has already gotten dirty. Intersections are the worst, with mountains of filthy snow piled high all around and frozen puddles to wade through. This is winter in the city.

Some people have complained to me that they're sick of hearing about my million dollar idea, especially since I won't offer any details, and I can't blame them, so I will stop writing about it, except to say this: something may well be happening with it. I am in touch with some people, and there is a possibility that this seed of an idea could sprout into a mighty oak. It's possible. It could happen, and that is what keeps me motivated.

Enough of that. I ought to get back to the original idea with this blog, which was to give my view of the state of the city right now. I read somewhere that yesterday or today were supposed to be the most depressing days of the year, based on the weather and the distance from the holidays, but I'm not buying it. The weather is biting and the economy is sluggish and this blue state I'm in isn't exactly thrilled with recent political events, but people seem to be doing fine. I haven't felt much tension on the streets and sidewalks of New York in the past couple of days.

Maybe I'm projecting my own psyche onto other people, but I think I can tell when the collective mood is anxious or agitated and when it's not. New York City is getting through this winter just fine.

Yesterday at Esquire wasn't very busy but several stories were moving in the queue, and pages are being designed, so we'll be in full-swing on the April issue in no time. My timing is good on this, in that I'm done with my big blast of freelance work for now.


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