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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy January 2

It's 8:19 p.m. and we're relaxing at home, sipping wine and listening to jazz music on the Music Choice channel (630).

Last night's cocktail party at Noah and Elizabeth's place was lots of fun. They have a very nice place on 104th street. We caught up with several old friends and had some drinks. The Finlandia vodka made me swoon. We left at 8:30 p.m. and took the subway home to Brooklyn, where I proceeded to cook some chicken breasts with grilled onions. We didn't stay up too late. Saturday Night Live was a rerun.

This morning I gathered myself, read the New York Times for a while, and then went into Manhattan and took a karate class at noon. It felt good to be back in the dojo because it had been closed for a week over the holidays. It was a good workout. After class I walked from the dojo (23rd Street and Sixth Avenue) to the Barnes & Noble on Union Square, where I was hoping to get a deeply discounted desk calendar and day planner. They didn't change the prices from yesterday (I also went by yesterday for the same reason) and they remained 50% off. I think if I wait another day or two I can get them for a buck. Yes, I'm a very cheap man, but if this isn't a productive way to spend my time at least I enjoy dropping by the bookstore. I want to determine the ideal day for buying cheap calendars and then stick to it every year.

After I came home Jenn floated the idea of going to see the 4:00 p.m. showing of the movie Sideways at the Union Square theater. To Jenn's surprise I agreed to go and we arrived about a half hour early and got good seats. By the time the movie started almost every seat was full. We both enjoyed the movie, and we both agreed that it was overrated, not through any flaw in the film itself, but it was simply overrated. Rated too highly. Sideways is about two forty-something guys who go on a bachelor party trip through wine country in Northern California. It was interesting and well written and we laughed out loud a couple of times. It was nice just to go to the movie theater at all because I don't go very often, on account of being cheap (see above re: calendar purchasing).

Since Sidways involves the drinking of wine, we decided to come home and open a bottle of wine. We are now sipping a bottle called A Mano from Italy. It's delicious. My boss at Esquire, Bob Scheffler, gave it to me for Christmas. It's a very nice bottle. We also had pizza, from Sal's on Lorimer Street. Good pizza, too.

While we munched on the pizza (I cut it into little pieces and served it on the cutting board) we watched 60 Minutes. There was an interesting article about Google. It's an amazing company, and it's worth so much because their products are excellent, first the google search, and now, this blog program. It's great! I'm having fun now in my second day as a blogger. I even mentioned it to Noah last night. Noah is a blogger of some fame. He has a blog called

For now I just want to focus on updating this on a regular basis. I figure the personality and any specialization will come over time. But my general concept is to describe my life in New York. I'm a regular, imperfect person with hopes, dreams and weaknesses. Some people might be able to relate to my perceptions of life in the city.

Jenn's in the shower now and after she gets out we're supposed to think about where we want our lives to be at the end of 2005. I guess it will be like writing down New Year's resolutions but taking it to the next level and thinking about what it will take to achieve our goals. I've said before that my main New Year's resolution is to get rich in 2005, and the plan is to get paid more for my writing and other skills (which others I'll have to think about) and invest that money wisely. I'd also like to start a family with Jenn. Yes, I have lots to work on in 2005.


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