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Friday, January 07, 2005

First Friday

First Friday of 2005 and I feel fine. The weather is clear and mild, my commute was sane and bearable, and, well, it's Friday.

Yesterday was rather busy at Esquire, and I left the office just a couple of minutes too late to make it to karate class, so I went home and finished the book I had been reading, Brighton Rock by Graham Greene. I highly recommend it. It was rather bleak but very gripping, and the portrait it draws of Pinkie is a picture of pure evil. It's considered one of Greene's "Catholic novels."

After I put the book down (and ate some chinese food) I watched a documentary called Born Rich, which was made by Jamie Johnson, heir of the Johnson & Johnson fortune. It was enjoyable. Most of the subjects who sat to talk about being born rich were intelligent and articulate, if shallow. It sounds weird to say, but on some level I did feel a little sorry for them. Those huge amounts of money did tend to isolate them, and not having to struggle to pay the bills deprived them of a certain emotional attachment to the vast majority of people on the planet. I wouldn't turn down a free million, but I do feel very engaged in the world when I have to hustle along the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn in an effort to "make it."

That effort involves keeping my job as a fact checker at Esquire, so I've got to do that now. More soon.

And yes, I dropped by the bookstore on the way home. Calendar prices have not budged. The selection has dwindled, but there are plenty of Celine Dion Eating Babies calendars left.


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