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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Climbing the Ladder

This will be brief but heartfelt. I'm busy and somewhat stressed. The March close at Esquire is in full swing. We need everything now if not five minutes ago, that kind of thing. I had a not-quite-world-class but at least semi-pro screw up yesterday that I hope will blow over by today. Just a careless oversight on my part, but as a fact checker, if I don't catch factual errors, what do I do? Well, I felt bad for a little while, and then got back on the metaphorical horse. Let's go.

Add to this the three (3) freelance business stories I have due for The Star-Ledger tomorrow (Friday). Amount I have written already: zero (0) words. Tonight will be fun. I also have two stories due next Friday. Number of call/interviews I have done for those stories: zero (0). And today's certainly not a good day to make calls from Esquire.

I would have made some headway on those stories last night, but I had "other priorities" as Dick Cheney would say. I was at Esquire until 8:00 p.m. (forced by circumstance to miss my required weekly black belt class at karate) and went home straight from work (with a brief stop on the way, no calendar news to mention). At home, however, I had to spend the evening updating (actually rewriting) my resume and pulling togehther some published clips. I'm applying for a freelance financial writing job with an investment bank (one article a month) and of course they're in a hurry to get things done, so I had to send in my resume and clips today. (I'm happy to report that the fax went through.)

No complaints here, just admiration for the people that can hustle all day at their regular jobs, and then go home and hustle some more to make things better. Some people make it look easy. Not me. I can't function without a decent night's sleep. I had to wolf down my steamed beef with mixed Chinese vegetables last night so I could get cranking on the resume. I hope all this effort pays off so I can start buying my own courtside Knicks tickets (see below) instead of relying on the kindness of others.


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