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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Black Belts and Calendars

Things at Esquire got busier yesterday, as we near the completion of our March issue. I'm also trying to get interviews out of the way for the five freelance stories I'm writing for The Star-Ledger. At the same time I have to implement my Get Rich in 2005 plan as well as become one of America's most transcendent writers of the 21st century. A tall order, but I had a good breakfast.

After work last night I went to black belt class at Karate, which is taught by the grandmaster of our style, Kaicho Nakamura. It was our first class of the new year, and there was much greeting and happy new year wishes. Then we had a vigorous workout that I can feel in my legs and hips today. It's a good feeling. Not so much sore as alive. After class let out I walked from the dojo (on 23rd Street) to the Barnes & Noble on Union Square to continue my market research project on calendars. Prices still haven't moved from where they were on the first. All calendars are half off. The selection has shrunk, but there are still some decent offerings in the desk calendar area. That means I didn't blow my opportunity for a calendar bargain this year by going to the Knicks game on Tuesday night. Maybe tonight's the night for a 90% discount.

It's cold but not freezing today and rain is falling in a gentle mist. The New Yorkers I shared the subways and streets with this morning weren't especially agitated, and people in the office seem to be in good spirits as well. Pretty good conditions for the first Thursday of 2005.

Now I have to get back to my Esquire responsibilities.


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